Sporay at MATA Gallery 4/13/13

Sporay – Moss Echos

Sporay live at chmafu nocords’ Interpenetration ’11 Satellite Concert, Postgarage, Graz, Austria, October 09, 2011.


In late 2011 we invited Ilpo Väisänen (FIN), Richard Eigner (AUT), Billy Roisz (AUT), MSHR (USA), Pomassl (AUT) and Sporay (USA), all of them dedicated to experimental music, to choose tools, machines and materials out of a hardware store catalogue.

They selected electrical leaf vacuums, toilet seats, a tile cutter, different tiles, hammers, nose pliers, steel brushes, sandpapers, paint brushes, pvc pipes, steel cables, an electrical fly swatter, a mole scarer, glulam, a spinning laser level, floodlights, ventilators, metal plates, door chimes and a lot of houseplants.

The musicians used those things for an unique live performance. We recorded the sounds, went to some local hardware stores and brought them back our imagination of muzak.

Performance: MSHR (USA), Sporay (USA)
Video: Taife Akca
Video Editing: Thomas Philipp

qujOchÖ 2011/12